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Baseball Is Still A Popular Sport In The Black Community But Needs More Representation

Baseball is considered America’s favorite pastime. It’s always drawn fans to the ballpark for food, beer and fun. It’s no different for fans going to Miller Park, especially since the Milwaukee Brewers’ latest winning streak has revamped Milwaukee's love for baseball and the team. However, most of the fans filling the seats in Major League Baseball, like the players, are predominantly white.

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If you read Idra Novey’s new novel, Those Who Knew, a year or two from now, you might think she was inspired to write it by watching everything that transpired during the recent hearings and investigation surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

Last week saw two debates between Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Republican challenger Leah Vukmir. Both debates were characterized by tension and hostility as the two clashed over abortion, immigration, health care and a host of other issues. 

In this week's "Capitol Notes" conversation, WUWM's Marti Mikkelson asked JR Ross of why he thought the debates were so combative. 

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Over the weekend, Germans gathered in central Berlin to protest the increase of xenophobia, nationalism and racism in their country. The AfD, or Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany), is the political party of Germany's extreme right, and was the focus of the protesters — whose numbers were estimated at over 200,000.

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President Abraham Lincoln termed the push-pull, sometimes violent war for our nation’s soul as “the battle for our better angels.” More than 150 years after the Civil War’s end and Lincoln’s death, the battle goes on unabated.

Over the past year, companies have been rolling out electric scooters by the thousands in cities across the country — from Milwaukee to Washington, D.C., to Lubbock, Texas. People download the app, find a nearby scooter and then just unlock and ride. But as these shared scooters have spread, so have concerns about safety.

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The Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers resume their battle for baseball's National League Championship Monday night at Dodger Stadium. They'll do so with the best-of-seven championship series tied at one game apiece, following the Dodgers 4-3 victory Saturday night at Miller Park.

The Brewers took a 3-0 lead in the contest, but the Dodgers scored two runs in both the seventh and eighth innings for the win.

The Brewers loss broke the team's 12-game winning streak, which included Friday's night's series opener that Milwaukee won 6-5.

The two candidates vying to become the next U.S. Senator from Wisconsin met for a second debate on Saturday Night. Democratic incumbent Tammy Baldwin went head to head with Republican state Sen. Leah Vukmir. If there was one thing Baldwin and Vukmir wanted people to take away, it’s that they are different. 


Editor's Note: This week’s stories address the topics of domestic violence and rape.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The deeply troubling and sadly common subjects of domestic abuse and sexual assault continue to impact the lives of millions of women, men and children, as well as dominate the headlines - no matter the month. We honor the survivors who courageously share their stories, and thank the allies who have supported them.

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This year, for the first time, Milwaukee has achieved a perfect score on the Municipal Equality Index. The MEI looks at how LGBTQ friendly a city’s laws, policies and services are. 

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett stresses the importance of this report and Milwaukee’s progress: "When we send that message that we are an inclusive city, we are sending a message of love and understanding and respect — and that’s important for us to do."

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Home design is a uniquely personal yet universal endeavor. The October issue of Milwaukee Magazine features a series of interesting, local homes, the art they bear, and some local artisans refining — and redefining — home furnishings.



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