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If you ever want to really get to know someone, follow them home (just not in a creepy stalker way). However, if invited accept the invitation and pay attention to the objects they've chosen to live with. Now if you want to know who they wish to be, look at their social media pages.

Ex Fabula: Gut Feeling

Jan 19, 2019
Art Montes

Our world is full of contradictions. Moments, events, and even the words of others can make you feel both happy and sad to hopeful yet frustrated. Shedding light on the contradictions within us and in society might be uncomfortable, but it helps us identify the reality and illuminate the positive.

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Friday is January Gallery Night. It's a time when museums and gallery spaces around the city showcase mainly local and regional artists — but also national and internationally known artists, as well. In the years since it was created here, it has become a big deal, both for the artists themselves and for the people who turn out for the quarterly event.

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This Sunday night, an unusual, astronomical event will come to the sky over Milwaukee: a full lunar eclipse.

The resulting red color will remove some of the haze created by the typically bright, white moon — revealing a sea of stars and constellations. Due to the moon's color and some of its other unique characteristics, some are calling the astronomical event a "super blood wolf moon."

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We’re in the midst of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, now at 28 days. Federal workers are shut out of their jobs — and paychecks — and many federal agencies are closed.

And those who benefit from government programs, like food stamps, are also at risk of going without needed resources. That has some Wisconsin families and others worried about the future of FoodShare, the state's food stamp program.

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Updated Jan. 18, 2019

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers is promoting renewable energy in the state. But a Republican legislator says any expansion of electricity generation from sources like solar and wind should be market-driven.

Evers spoke Thursday to an annual conference held by the group RENEW Wisconsin. He's the first Wisconsin governor to do so.

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Bubbler Talk — our series that answers your questions about Milwaukee and the region — gets a lot of questions about street numbering and street names. Not too long ago, Mike Zabel submitted a question about Lovers Lane Road on Milwaukee’s far northwest side.

I was wondering why the north part of Highway 100 is called Lovers Lane?


A group of defendants from northern Wisconsin is suing over funding and staffing problems in the state Public Defender's Office, arguing the rights of indigent defendants in Wisconsin to competent attorneys and speedy trials have been violated.


A Wisconsin diocese has released the names of more than 40 clergy members with substantiated allegations they sexually abused a minor.

The Green Bay Diocese posted the names of 46 clergy on its website Thursday.

Bishop David Ricken apologized at a news conference to the 98 known victims of sexual abuse by the clergy in the diocese since 1906. Ricken called for any other victims to come forward.

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Emergency Room visits have been steadily rising in the United States over the past few decades. The influx in patients has led to overcrowding at many hospitals and the implementation of a policy known as "ambulance diversion." The practice allows a hospital to temporarily close its ER to ambulances.


In December, automotive contributors Mark Savage and Dan Harmon discussed automakers pulling out of the sedan market. Thankfully, for people who do need small, medium, and large size cars, there are still plenty of makes and models to choose from.

But what ever happened to the family car? The car that defined the American middle class for a long time: the station wagon, complete with faux-wood paneling and a rooftop luggage rack chugging along the highway.

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We have been trying to line up an in-studio session with the Driveway Thriftdwellers for the better part of 18 months.  It’s no easy task to get all the members of the band in the studio, however, because they’re spread around southern part of the state - in Madison, Milwaukee, and Racine. 

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Researchers are trying to make guns safer, partly through devices that limit who can fire a weapon. The science and financing still have a ways to go before many gun owners have a so called "smart gun." But a southeastern Wisconsin activist group is optimistic enough about gun innovation that it sponsored a Firearm Safety Expo on Wednesday.

The local activist group Common Ground sponsored a Firearm Safety Expo Wednesday at MATC-South Campus in Oak Creek.

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The new Bucks arena is the world's first bird-friendly arena, according to the U.S. Green Building Council. Bryan Lenz, bird collision campaign manager with the American Bird Conservancy, had a lot to do with Fiserv Forum's owner's decision to consider bird safety.


Many girls in Wisconsin are dealing with sexual violence, human trafficking, bullying, and mental health issues. Girls of color tend to be more affected than their white counterparts. That's according to a new report from Alverno College in Milwaukee.

To get an idea of how girls are faring, Alverno researchers looked at demographic and economic trends — on physical, mental and sexual health, incidents of violence and abuse, substance use, social support and media engagement.