Plenty of rock bands have geographic names — either the band itself or their albums — Chicago, Boston or Kansas. There's also Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” album.

The local band Semi-Twang is the first band (that we know of) to name an album after the southern Wisconsin metropolis of Kenosha.

The album is just coming out and the band is set to play tonight where else but Kenosha, at Public Brewing. They’ll also play a show Dec. 22 at Milwaukee’s Shank Hall. John Sieger, a member of Semi-Twang, joined us in the studio to play a few songs and talk about the album.

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Children’s books can be a great way to explore places you have been or have yet to visit. It’s even better when the characters visiting these places happen to be cute animals.

In the first book of the Our City Adventure series, Lulu & Rocky in Milwaukee follows two fox friends (and their penguin friend Pufferson) as they explore the city with activities like canoeing, going to a fish fry, and visiting the art museum.

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Queen Anne reigned over England, Scotland and Ireland for 12 years. But not a great deal of attention, historical or otherwise, has been paid to her. Plagued by ill health throughout most of her life, Queen Anne had few significant matters of state accomplished during her time in power. Plus, what little that was written about her was not very flattering or objective.

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Milwaukee City Hall was completed in 1895. But if you've seen the building over the years, it may seem like it's been under constant construction. So, let's look at the work that's been done on City Hall and what's still in store.

That's what Kim Marggraf wants to know, so she reached out to Bubbler Talk — our series where you ask, we investigate and together we unveil the answers:

"Why has City Hall been under some form of construction or reconstruction, for what seems like decades?"

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Gov. Scott Walker announced Thursday that he granted Kimberly-Clark $28 million over the next 5 years to keep a plant in Neenah, Wis., open and save nearly 400 jobs.

The move comes after the Legislature refused to take up the original incentives packages which was four times as large as this new deal. But Walker has been determined to make a deal with paper company Kimberly-Clark.

“Quite literally, if it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to find a way. I’m going to save the jobs at Kimberly-Clark,” Walker said.

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Earlier this week, we heard about the strong state of charitable giving in Wisconsin and a recent report on philanthropy here. While some are giving money to nonprofits that help people in the community, others are developing unique ways of making a difference.

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This fall, the national supermarket chain Kroger and its Wisconsin outlets (Pick-n-Save and Metro Market) announced plans to phase out single-use plastic bags in their stores by 2025. It’s the latest in a movement to reduce the flow of single-use plastic items to landfills in this country.

Other chains, including Starbucks, are eliminating plastic straws, and some cities and other municipalities have passed more widespread bans. But perhaps none is as strong as New Zealand, which will end the use of single-use plastic bags and implements in 2019.

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General Motors announced in November that it's closing five plants in the U.S. and Canada and stopping production of several of its passenger cars. That will result in thousands of job losses as GM works to turn its financial picture around.

Analysts say GM has not adjusted to changing consumer tastes fast enough, which is why the company will now discontinue the once-popular Chevy Cruze and Volt lines, along with some Buick and Cadillac models.


 Originally published Oct. 29, 2018

The expectations for the Milwaukee Bucks are high this year. The team has generally lived up to them, getting off to a fast start in their new arena, the Fiserv Forum. Longtime fans know that things don’t always work out, but newer fans might not be as familiar with some of the up-and-down half-century history of the basketball team that calls Milwaukee home.

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For 25 years, the Wisconsin legislature has restricted how much school boards can raise local property taxes. Some education leaders argue that the rules put schools on an uneven playing field. And they say the tax ceilings have become untenable in recent years.

The restrictions at issue are called revenue limits. They impact 80 to 90 percent of school boards’ budgets, controlling how much a board can spend in state general aid and property taxes. The result: school boards' ability to raise mill rates is confined to a legislature-determined dollar amount.

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Several dozen people turned out Wednesday night to discuss how Milwaukee County will house juveniles once the troubled Lincoln Hills facility closes in two years. The teen prison in northern Wisconsin has been plagued by allegations of abuse, so the state decided to close it and move inmates to facilities closer to home. Those attending the meeting had a lot of ideas for how the county could provide better care for their loved ones.


The past year has been marked by major collisions — both metaphorical and literal — that have changed the world and our view of the universe. Recent discoveries have confirmed scientific theories, brought more materials from space and brought to light how earthly elements came into existence.

Every month, Lake Effect’s Bonnie North speaks with our astronomy contributor, Jean Creighton, the director of the Manfred Olson Planetarium at UWM. This month, she gives us her list of the top astronomical discoveries of 2018. 

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Gov. Scott Walker spoke for the first time Tuesday on the GOP bill package that seeks to limit the power of Gov.-elect Tony Evers. While Democratic lawmakers, advocacy groups and individuals were outraged over the proposals, Walker downplays the impact the bills would have. 

"For all this hype and hysteria ... the bottom line is there is not a fundamental shift in powers," said Walker at a small business event in Pewaukee.

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The Environmental Protection Agency laid out a proposed rule Tuesday that it says ends confusion about waterways that fall under federal clean water protection. But critics say the measure would strip streams and wetlands of needed protections.

Debate over how deep U.S. water regulations should wade isn't new. The most recent clash came when the Obama administration spearheaded something called the Waters of the United States.

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Playing games might be a year-round hobby for some of us, but buying games is generally a holiday season pastime. Since 2010, writer, editor and games expert James Lowder has joined us during the holiday season to share his Games to Gift List.

While older adults might have learned to games from an experienced player, many of today’s players are turning to online videos according to Lowder.