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Update Nov. 16: Gov. Scott Walker made his first comments to reporters on Thursday after losing his re-election bid. He promised he wouldn't "retreat." Walker also signaled potential support for a variety of Republican-backed efforts to limit the power of his Democratic successor, including moving the date of the 2020 presidential primary.

Recently, there was a very public debate on Twitter between the National Rifle Association and an emergency medicine doctor. The NRA essentially contended that doctors shouldn’t weigh in on matters of gun policy, while the doctor said it was precisely the place of his profession to weigh in. The incident was a very high-profile example of the willingness of doctors to enter the public discourse.

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Most of us know the titles: Sense and Sensibility. Emma. Pride and Prejudice.

And many of us have seen the Masterpiece Theatre or film adaptations of those novels. Who was your favorite Darcy?

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It was Kimberly-Clark’s first chance to appear before lawmakers at a hearing Wednesday. The company asked for approval of a $100 million incentive package to keep its Cold Springs plant open in Wisconsin.

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There are a variety of medical centers around the country that get a lot of national and international press for the cutting edge work they do.  Cornell Medical Center in New York, Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic, and research centers in Boston, Los Angeles, and elsewhere.  But increasingly, important work is being done in places like Milwaukee.


We are heartbroken to mark the passing of WUWM Program Director Bruce Winter. Bruce spent nearly his entire adult life at this radio station, from the time he was hired as operations manager in 1978. Over the years, Bruce hosted classical music, jazz and the adult alternative music he loved.

Bruce’s voice has been synonymous with this radio station for so long that it will probably be a decade before it disappears from our airwaves. You will probably continue to hear his voice in funding credits throughout the day during our programming.

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For several years, Milwaukee County has been working to end chronic homelessness through permanent housing for people.

Since those efforts were put into place, county officials say the number of chronic homeless people has decreased by 45 percent. However, driving through downtown Milwaukee, it’s hard not to notice the tent encampments that have popped up.

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Voters in Wisconsin made their wishes known about priorities for the state in the coming years. They elected a new governor in Democrat Tony Evers, while the legislature remains in the hands of the Republican Party. But actually accomplishing the will of the electorate may be challenging when it comes to supporting publicly funded programs. 

The Harley-Davidson Story

The Harley-Davidson Story: Tales from the Archives is a large-format, photography intensive book that tells the story of the iconic Milwaukee motorcycle company largely through objects in the Harley-Davidson Museum’s collection.

It’s the work of Milwaukee writer Aaron Frank, in concert with Jim Fricke, the curatorial director at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

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The mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue was an illustration of anti-Semitism in the United States. But the issue isn't new, nor does it always manifest itself with killing, as the recent picture of students at Baraboo High School giving the Nazi salute makes evident.

READ: Photo Shows Baraboo Students Giving Nazi Salute

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Sixty percent of college graduates are women. But they’re not pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) at the same rate as men. Women represent only 35 percent of undergraduate STEM degree-holders in the U.S. — Milwaukee’s Alverno College is trying to chip away at that imbalance.

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Search Google for bats and headlines from around the country include: “Man Touched Bats Because They Were Kind of Cute. His Death Is a Warning, Family Says,” “Video Shows Bat With Rabies, Like The One That Killed a Utah Man” and “People Are Decorating For Halloween With Dead Bats. The CDC Says That’s a Bad Idea.”

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While the percentage of women on the boards of Wisconsin companies has increased, women still only comprise 19 percent of those boards. And that’s a concern, according to the authors of a recent study called Power of 3.

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A Wisconsin school district is investigating a photo of a group of several dozen high school boys giving what appears to be a Nazi salute before their junior prom last year.

The Baraboo School District says it only became aware of the photo Monday after it was posted on social media — drawing widespread condemnation.

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Before the cold snapped us from summer to fall weather in late October, four people were busily tending a tree laden with ripe, red apples. It was the Glean Team at work on the Milwaukee VA Medical Center grounds.

Matt Rudman with Groundwork Milwaukee is coordinating its inaugural season.