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Nov. 11 was originally called Armistice Day as a formal commemoration of the end of World War I. We now know it as Veterans Day — a day to recognize, honor and thank all who have served in the United States Armed Forces.


One of the many joys of art is that it allows us to experience the world through someone else's lens. It's a form of communication that encourages you to consider other points of view, perspectives or experiences.

Lance Owens is the director of ArtWorking, an organization that guides individuals with developmental and intellectual challenges along the path of generating income through art.

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The Milwaukee Art Museum’s current exhibit, Serious Play: Design in Midcentury America explores the work of some 40 designers who integrated concepts like playfulness and fun into their work for corporations, home interiors, and — yes, children.

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President Trump this week was expected to name an appointee to represent the US at the United Nations. That comes in the wake of Nikki Haley’s resignation of her post as US Ambassador to the UN, who is stepping down at the end of 2018. Tensions are high in many countries around the world ,and renewed nationalist sentiments in many nations could make 2019 a pivotal year for the UN.

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The economy was one of the issues that shaped voter trends around Wisconsin and the country earlier this week.  Here in the Badger State, unemployment numbers have reached historic lows in many places, though income growth has not always kept pace.

However even with what economists would term “full employment,” there are some people who still find it hard to find work.  That’s the case with adults with autism spectrum disorders.  Studies indicate around 90 percent of people on the spectrum in the Milwaukee area are unemployed or underemployed.

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It’s a record-breaking year for school referendums in Wisconsin. Unofficial results show voters backed 94 percent of ballot questions in Tuesday’s election, including all in southeastern Wisconsin.

Counting elections earlier in 2018, more than $2 billion in school referendum spending has been approved this year. That surpasses the previous record of about $1.7 billion in 2016.  

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Two days after Wisconsin voters ousted Republican Gov. Scott Walker in favor of Democrat Tony Evers, there are rumblings that GOP state lawmakers are looking to limit the power of the governor-elect.

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With Veterans Day on Nov. 11, the Medical College of Wisconsin is highlighting its recent research into concussions suffered by military cadets at the nation's service academies. The college and partner universities also looked into concussions among college football players.

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Democratic Governor-elect Tony Evers says he's busy putting together his transition team. His comments came after Gov. Scott Walker conceded defeat Wednesday afternoon. The Republican had won statewide office twice, surviving a recall election. So, why couldn't Walker pull off a win this time around?

UW-Madison political science professor David Canon says that Evers won, in part, because of demographics — namely age, gender and education.

1. What was behind Evers' Win?

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Gov. Scott Walker conceded to Democratic challenger Tony Evers Wednesday after Evers won the election by just more than 1 percentage point. Walker originally wanted to wait until military ballots were counted and the official canvass was completed. He also expressed concern about 2,000 absentee ballots in Milwaukee that were reconstructed due to errors or damage.

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Some races in Wisconsin's midterm elections were predictable, while others saw votes counted well into the morning. Tony Evers unseated two-term Republican Gov. Scott Walker in a neck and neck race, Tammy Baldwin retained her U.S. Senate seat and Paul Ryan's 1st Congressional Seat remains in Republican hands.

>> Wisconsin Election Results — 2018 Midterm Elections


Updated 2:10 p.m.: Gov. Scott Walker has conceded the election to Tony Evers.

He initially refused to concede because of the close margin and questions about more than 40,000 ballots in Milwaukee that were tallied in the eleventh hour.

In a statement, the Walker campaign said it determined that "any change in the result would not be significant enough to determine the outcome of the election, despite its close margin and questions about how the city of Milwaukee executed its election night operations."

The race for attorney general was too close to call Tuesday night after the election. However, Wednesday morning, incumbent Brad Schimel said it "appears'' that Democrat Josh Kaul has won the race.

Still, Schimel says he would wait until all votes are counted before conceding. Schimel said in a statement Wednesday morning that he had spoken with Kaul and that if the margin doesn't substantially change, he will help  to make the transition smooth.

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Tammy Baldwin handily won a second term as U.S. Senator, defeating Republican Leah Vukmir in Tuesday's midterm elections.

At her campaign celebration at Monona Terrace, a euphoric Baldwin credited her victory to her supporters for their "from the bottom up" grassroots campaign.

"And for me, it's always been about doing right by Wisconsin. Doing right by people with pre-existing health conditions who need champions to protect their health care and stand up to the special interests who would take it away," she said.

Republican U.S. Rep. incumbent Glenn Grothman has retained his seat in Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District —  in what was called the most competitive House seat in Wisconsin involving an incumbent. The district has been in Republican hands since the 1960s.