Linda Benjamin

Clinical Social Worker

Linda Benjamin is a Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Milwaukee. She has been a news broadcaster and has hosted a live call-in self-help show on WEVD-New York. She was also former Supervisor of Program Development for WNET/THIRTEEN in New York.

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We all have our quirks, which can sometimes make us endearing to others, and sometimes, not so much. 

At any rate, Lake Effect essayist Linda Benjamin has been considering those quirks – flaws, some might say – and how they affect our interpersonal relationships:

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When it comes to making a momentous decision in your life, how do you do it?

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All of us face challenges in life – big ones, small ones, and challenges in between.  In fact, there are days when life can seem like a constant struggle to keep all the juggling balls in the air before they come crashing down. 


There’s a comic strip – it’s a classic Calvin and Hobbes strip -  tacked up in my office.  Four panels, all featuring our young hero, which read like this: “Here I am.  Happy and content.  But not euphoric.  So now I’m no longer content.  I’m unhappy – my day is ruined.  I need to stop thinking while I’m ahead.”

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What keeps you up at night? The clutch on your Honda? Worries about relationships? The Brewers’ chances of making the playoffs? For Lake Effect essayist Linda Benjamin, it’s about her expectations from life.

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All I can say is, thank God I'm not suicidal, this being another snowy Wisconsin inside-by-choice-and-will-to-live day.* Serial days of isolation can make a person, who might otherwise be cuddling with a partner or cooking with a buddy, pretty blue. As usual, when it snows, I take to my comfort food-making. And, just at that time, I was making a new recipe for split pea soup.

Essay: Sage Advice

Aug 1, 2014
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Essayist Linda Benjamin emphasizes that we all need to live life by listening to our hearts. 

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I went to France for Christmas this year. My son and his petite amie (girlfriend in French) live in Normandy. I had been taking French lessons at L'Alliance Francaise of Milwaukee, but I was terrified to actually speak to a French person in France.

In the Jewish religion when a person dies, their body is buried as soon as possible. After the burial at the cemetery, there is a gathering back at a family member’s home to comfort the bereaved. This is known as a Shiva.

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Today marks the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that crashed airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and killed thousands.