Ex Fabula: All Stars Preview, Part 2

Apr 28, 2018

Last week, we heard about unfortunate run-ins with rock stars and Buick Rivieras. This week, we continue our celebration of Season 9 audience favorites in anticipation of the upcoming season finale: ALL STARS “Connection” StorySlam, learning that innocent discussions and distractions can have unintended consequences.

When our first teller Tony Anderson started teaching second grade, he didn’t have any idea what he was up against when it came to the man, the myth, and the legend: Santa Claus. With students that range from fierce believers to deniers, any conversation can turn into a minefield, as he explained during the December “Traditions” StorySlam. Most questions could be overcome or evaded through creative storytelling - but when one student announced to his peers that “there’s no such thing as Santa Claus,” Tony had to act fast. Would he be able to nip it in the bud and prevent his students from learning the biggest spoiler of them all?

Ex Fabula's Tiffany Miller (left) and David Lee (right) with storyteller Patricia McNamee Rosenberg (center).
Credit Art Montes

Our second audience favorite, Patricia McNamee, from February’s “First Time” StorySlam was excitedly prepping for her first date in 30 years. After a visit to the mall, Patricia and a friend were so wrapped up in conversation that they hopped into the wrong car in the parking lot. They immediately got out, found Patricia’s car, then drove off and went to lunch. It was only when they were paying the bill that she realized her purse had been left in the other car! And to add to Patricia’s embarrassment, she and her friend had no idea what that car looked like - resulting in a series of awkward police interactions. Would Patricia be reunited with her purse, and was the date as memorable as the events leading up to it? Listen to find out!

The Season 9 ALL STARS “Connection” season finale event is on Friday, May 18th at Turner Hall Ballroom where Tony, Patricia and all recent audience favorites will again take the stage with brand new stories and the ultimate favorite will be crowned.