Ex Fabula: All Stars Preview, Part 3

May 5, 2018

Our Ex Fabula Season 9 ALL STARS previews continue with a look back at the audience favorites from two March events; exploring the wondrous mysteries of karma and the cringe-worthy power of too much information (TMI).

For many, believing in destiny or karma is a comforting thought, especially in regard to the transition from this life to the hereafter. As our first teller Barbara Leigh explained at the March “Karma” StorySlam, the passing of her partner of two decades left her in need of a roommate who could help her stay in her apartment. Could the late Robert’s karma be watching over Barbara, helping to find her a compatible living companion to ease her loneliness in time to make the next month’s rent?

Storyteller Young Kim (left) with Ex Fabula emcee Nelson Lopez (right).
Credit Art Montes

Our second audience favorite story comes from the March “TMI” StorySlam, in which Young Kim shares some of his experiences growing up as a first-generation Asian-American in the southern United States.

After graduating college, Young was able to travel to his family’s homeland, South Korea, for work. His excitement quickly subsided when he realized English speakers were not necessarily embraced as native children. Four days of Korean food and 30 years of cultural identity angst combine in a TMI situation that sped through the five stages of grief before reminding him that Milwaukee has become his true home. Listen to his story here:

All of the audience favorites from this past season will unite for the upcoming finale event, the ALL STARS “Connection” StorySlam on Friday, May 18th at Turner Hall Ballroom.