Lake Effect

Ross Zentner

If you've ever seen a Milwaukee Opera Theatre (MOT) production, you already know they don’t present your normal operatic fare. If you’ve never seen a Milwaukee Opera Theatre production — from "The Mikado" performed with toy pianos and handmade percussion, to a mashup of opera and heavy metal called "Guns and Rosenkavalier" — a performance by MOT is sure to shake out any assumptions about opera you might have

The Joys And Challenges Of Owning Wisconsin Barns

Aug 24, 2018
Debbi McCullough

Experts estimate around 1.5 million barns exist on America’s farms. And the state of Wisconsin sits in the top five states for barn ownership (along with Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee). Growing numbers of Wisconsinites use these romantic, patriotic structures in traditional, and even innovative, enterprising ways.

Susan Bence

Parts of Wisconsin recently experienced torrential rains. Roads flooded — or in some cases, washed out — in Dane and Iowa counties. Some state trails have closed until further notice. So, where does Milwaukee stand in its ability to cope with massive rain storms?

"Dark Money"

This past week President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to a multitude of charges, including falsifying submissions to a bank and campaign finance violations. Campaign finance regulations are considered by many to be among the most pressing issues affecting American democracy, but it can be hard for the average citizen to understand them.

Dan Mullen / Fotolia

Bay View was one of the first places we visited for a Lake Effect On-Site.  It’s home to poet and contributor Jenny Benjamin, who wrote a poem in honor of the show and the place she calls home.  Here she is, from that broadcast, reading “My Neighborhood”:

What borders are here, around this house?
Fernwood School fences
A canopy of ash trees in the rain
Lakeside sunrise, salt mountains, windmill,
Coffee houses, hat shop, soap shop, pet care,
And bars, lots of bars, for sugar maple-ing the night away.

The Independent Eye

Milwaukee Fringe Festival opens this weekend with performances from around the country. One of those performances is a new work from Elizabeth Fuller and Conrad Bishop, who started their theater careers in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Fringe Festival /

Though the days of summer are waning and theater companies have opened and closed late summer productions, the fall season is still a few weeks away. In the interim, Milwaukeeans can enjoy home-grown Fringe Festival, on stage at the Marcus Center this Saturday and Sunday.

Harbor District, IInc.

You might know about a small park within Milwaukee's harbor on Jones Island called KaszubeHarbor View Plaza will become the first greenspace since the inception of Harbor District, Inc. Construction is expected to begin this fall.

The public park will be located at the end of Greenfield Avenue. This area just south of the Milwaukee's Third Ward has felt forbidding for years.

Joy Powers

The husband and wife duo of Ben and Emily Roberts proudly say they’ve never said no to a gig. Touring for years, the couple has attracted fans to their harmonies, their strings, and their lyricism. 

Pickleball Is A Big 'Dill' In Wisconsin

Aug 22, 2018
Ben Binversie

Pickleball has nothing to do with pickles, but here in Wisconsin, it is a big 'dill'.  Jokes aside, the once-niche sport has surged in popularity, especially here in Southeast Wisconsin.

According to the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), the number of places to play pickleball in the country has more than doubled since 2010. One place which has played a part in this growth is ProLite, a company in Port Washington that's spearheading the effort.


Turmeric is a plant similar to ginger. It's found and used commonly in India, Pakistan, and other parts of south Asia, where it's an essential part of the flavors of many foods. But two Milwaukee men believe there is an emerging market for turmeric, or at least a key component of it — so much so they gave up business careers to start a beverage company.

Even though Milwaukee Irish Fest is over, there is still one Irish singer who will be traveling through the Midwest — except it isn’t for a concert or festival.

Irish country music star Daniel O’Donnell initially gained public attention in 1983 with his first recording, and has since become a household name internationally. While O’Donnell is known for his singing, lately he has embarked on a new journey into television with his wife Majella.

Ben Folds /

Ben Folds is a renaissance man. He’s a songwriter, an accomplished pianist, a producer for other artists, an actor, a passionate photographer, and a storyteller. In 2017, he was named an artistic advisor to the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center.


Last year, the ACLU sued the city of Milwaukee, based on the police department’s stop-and-frisk program. An analysis of police stops in Milwaukee found significant racial bias in who was being stopped and the areas where these stops were occurring.

Will Skaggs

The Hoan Bridge is an iconic part of Milwaukee’s skyline — at least during the day. A local initiative is hoping to add it to the night sky as well.