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Milwaukee 'Boat House' Has Been A Symbol Of Nonconformity For 100 Years

On the corner of Cambridge Avenue and Hampshire Avenue on Milwaukee’s east side, there’s a home that stands out. It’s not a bungalow or a duplex or a high-rise. It’s a boat. It looks like a 70-foot-long yacht, perched on a grassy lawn, facing the Milwaukee River. If that isn’t enough to catch your eye, there is a lighthouse replica on the front lawn.

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A heat advisory is issued for all of southeastern Wisconsin until 7 a.m. Saturday. With the heat and humidity, the temperatures could feel as high as 110 degrees.

The dangerous conditions have prompted the Milwaukee health department to put out a health advisory warning against heat stroke and dehydration. The extreme temperatures have adverse effects especially on vulnerable people such as Milwaukee's homeless population.

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From Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Jungle Book, Disney’s live action platform is on a roll, creating new ways for audiences to experience these stories.

Photo by Nan Melville

Milwaukee’s dance chops will be on full display this weekend, as companies in the area get together for the inaugural Dance Fest, hosted by No Studios. The sold-out festival will feature a diverse group of local dance companies, as well as dancers from New York-based Ailey II.

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If the only thing he was known for was the TV show Mad About You, Paul Reiser could still hold his head high. That 90s hit, recently rebooted as a sequel starring the same cast, put the comedian, actor, and writer firmly in the cultural spotlight. Reiser's career has continued to grow, recently landing him a role on the second season of Stranger Things.

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Fires at two transmission substations in Wisconsin's capital knocked out power to more than 11,000 customers on a sweltering day, shutting down government buildings, courtrooms and businesses and prompting police to call in additional staff.

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Up until last year, any person in Wisconsin who had sexual contact with a child between the ages of 13 and 16 could be charged with a felony. But that law has changed.

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A city of Milwaukee panel has declared an order to tear down the former Northridge Mall is "reasonable." But the Chinese firm that owns the huge property on the northwest side says its fight to keep the buildings intact may not be over.

The Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services issued what's called a raze order against the mall three months ago, saying the long-closed complex is dilapidated, frequently vandalized, and meets a raze order standard of needing repairs that exceed half the assessed value of the property.

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What would you do if you're at a place of worship or a public institution and it's attacked? Would you be prepared?

Members of Milwaukee’s faith communities participated in training this week to know how to respond in the wake of a violent incident. The exercises were held at the Jewish Community Center in Whitefish Bay in response to recent armed attacks against religious and public institutions in the U.S.

Members of churches, mosques and other faith-based communities were invited to participate. The training was conducted by emergency medical workers from Israel.


Every month, Lake Effect contributor and astronomer Jean Creighton joins us to talk about the universe and our solar system within it. This time, she talks about the resources, effort, and partnerships that made sending Apollo 11 to the moon possible.

LISTEN: Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of Apollo 11

Creighton says NASA had to work with 20,000 companies to make the mission possible.

NASA History Office and the NASA JSC Media Services Center / NASA

The 50th anniversary of the first astronaut moon landing comes as NASA is talking of another trip to the moon within five years, and of taking people to Mars by the mid-2030s.

Astronomers, engineers, and human health experts across Wisconsin have been tracking the discussion. And some are working on projects potentially tied to more space travel.



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