WATCH LIVE: Sondland: Ukraine Aid Link Reflected Trump's 'Desires And Requirements'

Updated at 11:33 a.m. ET Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, tied President Trump directly to conditioning a meeting with the Ukrainian president with "a public statement from President Zelensky committing to investigations of Burisma and the 2016 election." Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani "expressed those requests directly to the Ukrainians," Sondland said in his opening statement at the public impeachment hearings on Wednesday. "Mr. Giuliani also expressed...

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Wisconsin Supreme Court challenger Jill Karofsky suggested Tuesday that Justice Daniel Kelly is corrupt because he repeatedly rules in favor of conservative groups, saying it makes no sense that the law could be on their side all the time.

Karofsky made the remarks at the candidates' first debate. Karofsky and Kelly used the opportunity to paint each other as partisan and the third candidate, Ed Fallone, struggling to get a word in during their exchanges.

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Around half a million people need legal aid in Wisconsin and can't afford it. One main reason: eviction.

That's why Legal Action of Wisconsin — the largest provider of legal aid services for low income people in southeastern Wisconsin — set up the Eviction Defense Project.

Amid a slew of public impeachment hearings, Democratic presidential candidates are gathering in Atlanta to debate once again. This round also comes less than three months before the first primaries and caucuses.

Ten candidates made the cut, down from a record of 12 in October's debate.

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Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to visit a Wisconsin shipbuilding company at midday Wednesday. He'll be at Fincantieri Marinette Marine, a firm that already has two major deals with the U.S. Navy and is competing for a third. 

Pence's office says he'll talk about the proposed U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, as well as workforce development.

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Liz Gilbert sees the Democratic National Convention (DNC) as a huge opportunity for Milwaukee and Wisconsin. For many of the 50,000 people expected to attend, this will be their first time visiting. Gilbert, the host committee president, sees it as a chance to shape people's perception of the city.

"When we talk about the amount of influence this convention can have on stories and messaging about this town and about this incredible state, the opportunities really are endless," she says.

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An organization that provides free civil legal services is changing its approach in neighborhoods where the needs are the highest.

Low-income people and families can face eviction notices, problems with social security benefits, bankruptcy and more without the resources to get legal help. The Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee has been tackling these issues by providing free civil legal services for Milwaukee’s low-income population for over 100 years.

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Two witnesses called by Republicans in the House impeachment inquiry testified Tuesday, indicating they had reservations over the content of President Trump's July 25th phone call with the president of Ukraine, and his desire to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.

Updated at 5:11 p.m. ET

President Trump said Monday that he will "strongly consider" providing written testimony to House impeachment investigators. The president's surprise announcement comes a day after top Democrats invited him to defend himself in the face of accusations that he committed bribery by allegedly using foreign policy as a way to help his 2020 reelection bid.

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Since the mid-1990s, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been engulfed by civil war. The UN estimates that more than 6 million people have been killed in the conflict, and more than half a million have fled the country as refugees.

Edumakono Zetho was among them.

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After graduating from the University of California, Davis with an economics degree, Laura King got a job in finance at General Electric (GE). She rose quickly through the ranks, and after a series of high-level jobs she was promoted to run GE Healthcare’s $1.2 billion interventional cardiology and surgery business. She also became an officer of the corporation.

It was there at the top that King began to question whether there was a better way to satisfy her passion for clinical innovation.


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