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The word recognition test helps doctors identify the severity and type of hearing loss and come up with a treatment plan.
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The new word recognition test tackles a stubborn disparity in healthcare: As the Hmong population ages, hearing loss is becoming a big problem. But few clinics are equipped to treat Hmong-speaking patients.
 Wisconsin's in the midst of its 2023-2025 budget process. What does it all mean?
Maayan Silver
Wisconsin is in full swing into its budget process. The state goes through it every two years. This guide explains how the state government puts together its funding and policy choices and how that affects the average person in Wisconsin.
WUWM has received local, statewide and regional awards for excellence in journalism.
Lake Effect is hiring for two positions — producer & production assistant.
Join WUWM as we celebrate the historical and cultural contributions of people of Asian descent.
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