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Surprising Questions On Your Next Job Interview

With the economy on the upswing and the job market getting stronger–why is it taking so much longer these days to get hired? A survey of job seekers from glassdoor.com found that since 2009 the time it takes from application to actually hearing about whether or not you got the job –has more than doubled. It now averages 23 days.

Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson speaks with  Kara Chambers,vice president of talent strategy for The Motley Fool and Scott Dobroski, an expert on community at glassdoor.com.

“Job applicants are much more qualified now,” Chambers said. “Sometimes your second and third choices are actually also terrific.”

As a result, employers are putting job applicants through a lot more hoops — including many more interviews, often with teams of people, and many are asking strange questions which seem to have nothing to do with the actual job.

In terms of the applicant pool, Chambers says, “It’s a buffet now.”


  • Kara Chambers, vice president of talent strategy at The Motley Fool. She tweets @tmfkara.
  • Scott Dobroski, expert on community at glassdoor.com.

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