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Now, panel, now that they have nixed the plastic bags, what will be California ban next? Faith Salie

FAITH SALIE: After plastic bags, it's plastic bodies. Hugh Hefner has already put his mansion on the on the market.


SAGAL: Charlie Pierce?

CHARLIE PIERCE: They're going to ban everything class - plastic forks, plastic spoons, plastic sporks, plastic surgery, Legos, Alex Trebek and the upper halves of several aspiring reality TV stars.

SAGAL: Paula Poundstone.

PAULA POUNDSTONE: Containers, Peter. There will be just no containers at all in California. Everything must be gathered in one's arms.


BILL KURTIS, BYLINE: And if California bans any of those, panel, we'll ask you about it on WAIT WAIT ...DON'T TELL ME.

SAGAL: Thank you Bill Kurtis. Thanks also to Paul Poundstone, Charlie Pierce and Faith Salie. Thanks to all of you smiling people for listening. I'm Peter Sagal. And we will see you next week.


SAGAL: This is NPR. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.