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High Voltage (Emotions Part Two)

Marina Muun for NPR
Marina Muun for NPR

Note: In this show, we refer to a group of people who live in the Philippines. The name of the group has multiple valid English spellings, including Ifugal and Ifugao. We have opted for the former pronunciation for our story.

We'd like to thank the following musicians:

  • Linnea S. - Her Presence is Strong Here
  • Myriadar - Cart Before the Horse
  • - We Were Never Meant to Live Here
  • Eagleowl and Tommy Perman - Eagleowl Vs. Woodpigeon (Remix)
  • Blue Dot Sessions- Qi
  • Jon Luc Heffernan - Upbeat
  • Knife Man - Throw Up Yr Feelings
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