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Thinking of Moving to the Country? Give This a Listen.

Sir Hectimere photo, via Flickr

Many people who live in the city or suburbs have had the somewhat romantic notion of giving up the rat race and buying a place in the country... maybe getting some chickens, growing some of your own food. It's tempting, especially after you've sat in rush hour traffic for a while.

But what does it really take to make that pipe dream a viable option? Former Midwesterner Kristy Athens and her husband thought they'd give rural life a try.  They moved from Portland, Oregon, to the Columbia River Gorge, a few years ago.  It turned out to be a challenging, but rewarding period in their lives.  And while they're back in the big city now, Athens has turned the experience into a recent book, called Get Your Pitchfork On: The Real Dirt on Country Living.

Athens, who is a former Minnesotan with Wisconsin roots, was in Milwaukee last fall, and our interview first aired then.

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