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From California To Cuba, New Loves And Legends

We can't get enough of Argentine singer Natalia Clavier's new album, <em>Lumen</em>.
We can't get enough of Argentine singer Natalia Clavier's new album, <em>Lumen</em>.

We cover even more bases than usual on this week's show, with new songs from across the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world. This episode also spans generations of musical history: We've got new releases by legendary bands like Brazil's Os Mutantes, but also pay close attention to artists we consider legends in the making, like Cuban singer Danay Suarez. Suarez has one foot firmly planted in hip hop, and the other in Latin jazz. For more on the connection between jazz and hip hop, check out NPR's A Blog Supreme.

So come join us on our musical exploration — and, as always, let us know what great songs you've been enjoying lately!


Esta semana en Alt.Latinotenemos una gran variedad musical: canciones nuevas de todos los rincones del universo latino. También incluimos varias generaciones de músicos: tenemos un nuevo lanzamiento de la legendaria banda brasilera Os Mutantes. Sin embargo, no nos olvidamos de las voces nuevas, las leyendas del futuro, como la cantante cubana Danay Suarez.

Únete a nuestra exploración musical- y, como siempre, cuentanos: ¿que música estas disfrutando últimamente, que nos recomiendas escuchar?

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