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Watch The Music Video For Franz Ferdinand's 'Right Action'

The Scottish band Franz Ferdinand has teamed up again with director Jonas Odell for a music video for the song "Right Action." This new song, their best in years, is a jangly, odd-ball single that perfectly sums up all the reasons the quartet made it into our hearts in the first place. The last time Odell worked with the band, he gave us the video for Franz Ferdinand's 2004 hit "Take Me Out." The style of the video this time around is not all that different from "Take Me Out" — the band performs "Right Action" with words and imagery reminiscent of text book instructional manuals come to life.

Musically, there's an urgency to the song, with a guitar riff that propels this bit of summer fun in a way that may find the band new fans too young to remember "Take Me Out." It's the closest thing to a colorful Yellow Submarine-esque music video we could ask for to liven our Monday.

The song "Right Action" is from a new album by Franz Ferdinand calledRight Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action and that album is out on Domino August 27.

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