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News Letter: Swimming With 'The Fishy Fleet'

Dear Protojournalist,

Traveled from D.C. to Missouri in mid-August with "The Fishy Fleet" (an offshoot of anti-GMO protest group Occupy Monsanto). It was a convoy of 17 activists piled into a 1960s-era RV and 5 "fishy" cars with friendly looking frankenfood sculptures on top ...

Near Pittsburgh the fleet held up traffic when a toll booth attendant took a pix with her iPhone. One Ohio woman, who followed "Fishy Sugarbeet" into a gas station, proclaimed: "That's the freakiest thing I've seen in Perry County — lately!"...

Outside Monsanto Corporation's global headquarters in Creve Coeur, Mo., company stock holder and convoy organizer Adam Eidinger read aloud from his shareholder resolution asking Monsanto to "work with the FDA to develop food labeling guidelines for American consumers that discloses whether genetic engineering was used to produce the food"...

When asked for a statement, Monsanto says it supports voluntary labeling, but that mandatory labeling in the "absence of any demonstrated risks...could imply that food products containing these ingredients are somehow inferior to their conventional or organic counterparts."

That's all for now...


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Daisy Alioto