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The Book Concierge Presents NPR Staff #FridayReads

<strong><a href="">Browse More Than 200 Of This Year's Standout Titles</a></strong>
<strong><a href="">Browse More Than 200 Of This Year's Standout Titles</a></strong>

If you follow NPR Books on Facebook, Twitter or , you may already know that #fridayreads is one of our favorite weekly Internet traditions. Marcel Proust, divine romances, a hamster memoir — as long as it's Friday and in progress, we will share it.

But this week — inspired by our brand new Book Concierge — we thought we'd try something new (again) and share some of our hosts' and journalists' favorite reads of the whole year. (OK, I know we said we weren't doing lists this year, but old habits die hard!) These are just a few of the titles from the app's NPR Staff Picks category — you can see the rest here.

  • Audie Cornish, host, All Things Considered: Dave Eggers' The Circle. Read Audie's Recommendation
  • David Greene, host, Morning Edition: Rosie Schaap's Drinking With Men. Read David's Recommendation
  • Michel Martin, host, Tell Me More: Rosalind Wiseman's Masterminds And Wingmen: Helping Our Boys Cope With Schoolyard Power, Locker-Room Tests, Girlfriends And The New Rules Of Boy World. Read Michel's Recommendation
  • Susan Stamberg, special correspondent, Morning Edition: Nicholas Delblanco's The Art Of Youth: Crane, Carrington, Gershwin, And The Nature Of First Acts. Read Susan's Recommendation
  • Deb Amos, correspondent, International Desk: Scott Anderson's Lawrence In Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly And The Making Of The Modern Middle East. Read Deb'sRecommendation
  • Lynn Neary, correspondent, Arts Desk: Anthony Marra'sA Constellation Of Vital Phenomena. Read Lynn's Recommendation
  • Linda Holmes, host of this very blog: Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park. Read Linda's Recommendation
  • Alison Richards, senior editor, Science Desk: Robert Marin's How We Do It: The Evolution And Future Of Human Reproduction. Read Alison's Recommendation
  • Philipp Goedicke, limericist, Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Naoki Higashida's The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice Of A Thirteen-Year-Old Boy With Autism. Read Philipp's Recommendation
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