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Day 7: Shake It Up With An 'Ask Me Another' Cocktail

Steve McFarland

This is the seventh day of Ask Me Another's 12 Days of Xmas series.

It may come as no surprise that since Ask Me Another tapes in a bar, we are no strangers to the bottom of a glass. (With responsibility, of course.) Here are two specialty cocktails that were crafted for our show. V.I.P. Rosie Schaap, author of Drinking With Men and New York Times Magazine's "Drink" column, created the "Pour Me Another", which we re-named after that episode's grand winner, Dory Green. And after former contestant Whitney Reynolds wowed us with her story of such homemade creations as "The Hulk" cocktail, we asked her to design us something with a little kick. Voilà, "The Brooklyn Tito-Rita." Cheers!

Pour Me Another / The Dory Green

Designed with a little bit of Canada for Ophira Eisenberg, and a little bit of Brooklyn for Jonathan Coulton.

2-1/2 oz. Canadian Club or Crown Royal whiskey

1/2 oz. dry vermouth

A scant teaspoon of Canadian Grade B maple syrup

2 dashes Brooklyn Hemispherical Rhubarb Bitters


To a mixing glass, add ice and all ingredients except seltzer. Shake like mad and pour into rocks glasses or small tumblers, leaving room for a good shpritz of seltzer to top it up.

(Courtesy of Rosie Schaap)

The Brooklyn Tito-Rita.

The Brooklyn Tito-Rita

Tito's has its origins in Texas, so here's a Margarita variant with a little Brooklyn heat.

1.5 parts Tito's Handmade Vodka

.5 part Cointreau

.5 part lime juice

.5 part orange juice

2 drops Brooklyn Bitters Sriracha bitters

Shake alcohol and juices over ice, strain into glass, top with bitters.

(Courtesy of Whitney Reynolds)

Nothing loosens up the brain for a pub quiz quite like a freshly-mixed beverage, alcoholic or not. So try these out at your next game night, and leave your favorite cocktail recipes in the comments.

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