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Tequila And The Theremin: A Day In The Life Of Alt.Latino

Zuzuka Poderosa.
Zuzuka Poderosa.

Excerpted from a conversation via IM:

Jasmine: Bro, why didn't you tell me about your side project?

Felix: Busted. Sometimes a man has to wear stretchy pants to be a man.

Jasmine: Dude I loved this week's show. It was so much fun. You know I would do this show every day, eight hours a week.

Felix: What show? Our show?

Jasmine: Yes. What other show would I be talking about?

Felix: You already work on this show every day.

Jasmine: Jaja I know. But I'd have us on the air every day if it was up to me.


This week on Alt.Latino, we had a little too much fun.

We met up with Los Macuanos, a trio from Tijuana, at a bar called El Bipo.
Jasmine Garsd /
We met up with Los Macuanos, a trio from Tijuana, at a bar called El Bipo.

We started off by hanging out with Los Macuanos, a DJ trio from Tijuana who taught us how to properly drink tequila. (Well, taught Jas. Felix, a.k.a. "El Sensei," needs no teaching.) Los Macuanos' members talked to us about their music and the history of the theremin, which they use to great effect on their awesome new album. Also, you're going to want to tune in to hear me try to say "theremin" after a shot of tequila.

We spin some amazing new records, including a cool and unusual mash-up of Brazilian funk and klezmer music, a new Peruvian hip-hop duo that has me squealing like a fangirl, and an Austin folksinger highly recommended by Felix.

We also receive a visit from one of our favorite DJs: Rafa Caivano from Argentina is half of the outfit known as Frikstailers. He stops by our Mexico City studios to tell us about his new remix of the South African rap group Die Antwoord.

We hope you tune into this week's episode, because this much fun is sure to land us in some sort of trouble — enjoy us while we're still legal. Oh, and if you do want to hear us every day, you can tune into Alt.Latino Radio. It's our 24/7 station, on which you can hear every song we've ever played on our air.

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