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Milwaukee Band, Sulek, Named after Inspirational Band Teacher


Did you ever have that one teacher that made an impact on your life? That one that taught you not only about their subject but also taught you about life?

Patrick Hoctor and his bandmates happened to have had one of those teachers and decided to name their band after their band director, Mr. Sulek.

Sulek, an “Indie Pop” band, has morphed over the years through their sound and their members but has stayed together since high school.

Founding member Patrick Hoctor explained that the band started in 2005, but gained prominence in 2007 when they became a soundtrack band for his college roommate’s animation studio, BarfQuestion Films.

Patrick and his singer-songwriter wife, Ruthie Hoctor, joined WUWM@Nite’s Eleanor Peterson in our studio and performed three songs:

  • The Swamp Song
  • Kissing Divinity
  • Good Night Emily