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Small Batch Edition: On Loving Romance With Sarah Wendell

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Sarah Wendell is the wrangler and editor and general mischief-maker at the site Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, which reviews and discusses romance novels and serves as a home for many devoted romance fans. She's also a fascinating speaker and writer, so when she was in town recently, we had her into the studio. First up is this Small Batch, in which Sarah and I talk about romance readers, e-reading, rating sexy books with numbers of hot peppers, and why there's an optimism at the heart of reading romance.

Sarah also makes a few book recommendations, all of which I will now list.

Just One Of The Guysby Kristan Higgins (rated a couple peppers)

A Gentleman In The Streetby Alisha Rai (rated all the peppers)

Silent In The Graveby Deanna Raybourn (mystery)

In The Bleak Midwinterby Julia Spencer-Fleming (mystery)

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