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Album of the Week: The Damnwells


With inspirations drawing from the likes of: Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Sam Cooke, Billy Dee Williams and…Han Solo and E.T. (Yes, that one alien from the movie), it’s no surprise that singer/songwriter, Alex Dezen, is capable of creating music that can touch on any number of topics. Just about 15 years ago, Alex and three others came together and formed a band, The Damnwells, who would go on to be pretty successful.  Seven years ago marks the last time anyone has seen a new project from the band and its original members.

Now, that rock n’ roll/soul band from a little city called New York is about to find its way back in our iTunes library. Set for an April 14th release, the band’s new, self-titled album is 11 brand new tracks about that time in your life when you realize you’re just not a child anymore. With this preface, the album comes with its fair share of reflection, happy, sad and just plain good.

Credit https://www.facebook.com/thedamnwells
The Band Members

This album is without a doubt the definitive ‘The Damnwells’ album; the one they were meant to make, that all prior years of work have culminated to. The time apart has noticeably matured the band’s sound and lyrical direction. The album’s beauty lies in the fact that it very much seems to be a product of reflection and learning and yet, at the same time, causes you as a listener to reflect and find guidance through some of life’s toughest predicaments.

Keep up with all things, ‘The Damwells’, on their Facebook and official website and stay tuned to WUWM@Nite this week as we play a few cuts off of the new project!

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