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Album of the Week: Life We Chose By: Jared and The Mill


 With such a bevy of Americana/folk rock artists like ‘Mumford and Sons’ or ‘The Lumineers’ just to name a couple, it is quite a thing for a band to stand out in the genre. So how does the Arizona-based band, ‘Jared and The Mill’, stand-out from their already established musical peers? Well, as the members of the band would tell you – sticking to their roots has a lot to do with it. Whereas many musical groups often consist of members from all over the country or world, Jared and The Mill tap into their hometown roots, as they were all born and raised in Phoenix, AZ.

This is what allows their sound to lend something more to the already diverse genre. Their music is ripe with plenty of instrumentation including: guitars, a banjo, mandolin, accordion, keyboard, bass and a beautiful range of vocals. The sound tends to build up in each song, eventually culminating to each member being sonically synchronized and in full-on jam-mode with one another, creating a rich, soulful sound.

The group is gearing-up for the release of their newest EP, Life We Chose. This collection of songs is all about what the band had to give up, pursuing the life they want. It expresses the struggles of a band, doing a major tour for the first time, being “called” home but realizing that your dreams lie ahead of you so the only logical thing to do is chase them.   

'15 Tour Dates

Being that Life We Chose is set to release in just a couple of weeks, make sure you don’t touch those radio dials (or buttons I guess?), as we will be playing a few songs off of the project in the next couple days. From us at WUWM@Nite to you at home/in your car/still in bed…have a great week!

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