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Ex Fabula: Farm-Forward

Ex Fabula
Sebastian Zoric Martinez, owner/founder of Sugar Bee Farms

Corn dogs, deep-fried cheese and cream puffs, Oh My! Yep, it’s that time of the year. Time to throw on those elastic waistbands and head on over to the State Fair Park. While we’re surrounded by endless varieties of food on a stick, State Fair is also a time for farmers and 4H-ers alike to bring in their prize animals and showcase why farming remains a staple of this long-standing Wisconsin celebration.

This week, Ex Fabula is featuring stories inspired by farming and the foods that come from it. In April 2015, Ex Fabula joined our friends at Sugar Bee Farm and Energy Exchange for another members-only Secret Fabula event. Our first story comes from Sebastian Zoric Martinez, owner/founder of Sugar Bee Farms. Sebastian shared an inspiring story of how he grew to love working with the land, the lessons he’s learned from farming and how urban farming builds community for both children and adults.

Our second story is a short little ditty from 2011. Caen Thomason Remus shared his memories of growing up with a mom who didn’t cook and a father who couldn’t cook enough. Now, all grown up, Caen loves cooking for his own family. He savors the hunt for the very best product, experimenting with various new ingredients and his kitchen, he remembers his parents and smiles.

As the tomatoes finally ripen and the days grow shorter, the slow end of summer approaches. Fear not, oh loyal Ex Fabula friends and followers! While we can’t stop the clock, we can give you something to celebrate. This year our monthly Story Slams will begin in September. Hooray! 

Lastly, catch Ex Fabula August 19th at Milwaukee Night Market from 6 - 9 p.m. collecting UltraShorts – short personal stories written on slips of paper – inspired by the Maurice Sendak: The Memorial Exhibition and Where the Wild Things Are; running now through August 23rd.

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