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Not My Job: Dwight Yoakam Gets Quizzed On The World's Happiest Man

Recording artist and actor Dwight Yoakam performs during the Route 91 Harvest country music festival at the MGM Resorts Village on Oct. 4, 2014, in Las Vegas.
Ethan Miller
Getty Images

Songwriter Dwight Yoakam was raised in Ohio — a big disadvantage for a country singer. But he overcame that handicap to become a country star, with multiple platinum albums and hit songs over the past few decades.

And as a country singer, he has shared many stories of woe with his fans. So we invited him to play a game we're calling "You're the happiest man in the world" — three questions about Matthieu Ricard, a French-born Buddhist Monk who's reputed to be happier than all the rest of us.

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