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Ex Fabula: The Result of Storytelling Workshops

Samantha Collier shares a story.

You know about Ex Fabula Storytelling Slams, but did you know that Ex Fabula also offers storytelling workshops for the general public, community nonprofits and local businesses?

With our first public workshop on September 26th, Ex Fabula looks back at two stories told from workshop participants. In September 2014, Ex Fabula teamed up for a storytelling workshop and event with Legal Action of WI. Matthew Hayes told a story of advocating for a disabled man who was stranded in a hospital because his home health care benefits had been cut. A familiar tale, Matthew fought for his client’s right to live in his own home and after six months, his client returned to the people he loved.

Earlier this spring, Ex Fabula teamed up with From Here to Her Artist Collective! for “Her Sister’s Story,” a community dialogue. Samantha Collier, founder of Team Teal 365 and a former workshop participant, told a very intimate story of the choices her mother made to bring Samantha into this world and the shared sisterhood felt throughout the generations.

Interested in hosting a workshop of your own? Visit for more information.

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