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Ex Fabula: Underestimated

Have you ever been told: "You can’t do that”? Or worse, told yourself, “I could never do that.” Self-doubt and negativity are the Kryptonite to success. When we underestimate ourselves or others, two things can happen: the stinking thinking wins and we give up or being underestimated becomes a challenge and we work twice as hard to prove to ourselves and/or others that we can do it.

We’re very excited to be bringing Ex Fabula’s October StorySlam, “Underestimated,” to the historicAvalon Atmospheric Theater and Lounge. Long time Bay View residents often underestimated the possibility of an Avalon restoration and so we’re all doubly excited for this event.

In July of this year Ex Fabula teamed up with Broadscope Disability Services for an Easy Access Storytelling Event celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. One of the storytellers Kelly Santi, an active woman with Cerebral Palsy, shared her parent’s reaction when, at 18, she declared she wanted to move out. While her parent’s underestimated her ability to live independently, Kelly had no doubt that she could and would have a place all her own.

Our second story comes from Reggie Moore. Reggie grew up in the projects where everyone knew each other and everyone played together and looked after each other—until the crack epidemic surfaced in the late '80s. Noticing the change in community, Reggie - then in middle-school - decided it was time to something to bring the community back together. Many adults underestimated Reggie’s ability to lead. Others underestimated the possibility of improving the community. Many underestimated the importance of education and exposure to new ideas and new opportunities. But Reggie never underestimated himself or his ability to make a difference.

When have you felt underestimated? How did it affect your thinking? How do you underestimate yourself? Does if hinder you or does it motivate you? Share your story with us on October 13th at the Avalon. We have the stage. You have the story. Let’s Share.

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