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Ex Fabula: Member Stories

Art Montes
Elaine Maly (center)

Over the years Ex Fabulahas truly evolved and we are very proud of the growth of our community programs and services, one of these being our membership program. Our membership program not only gives our members fantastic discounts and members-only events, but it provides Ex Fabula with the funding necessary to continue our mission to build our community through the art of true, personal storytelling.

Credit Art Montes
Jim Winship sharing a story.

This week, we’re featuring stories from two of our members who have been voted Audience Favorite at one or more Ex FabulaStorySlams. Our first story comes from March 2013. Like most of us,Jim Winshiphates March in Wisconsin. Everything that should be green is grey. The holidays are a distant memory. Football is over and baseball has yet to begin and the sun can disappear for weeks. So why does Jim, a Tennessee native, stay year after year?

Our second story comes from Elaine Maly and the first StorySlam of this season, Come Clean. When Elaine’s sons were young she found they had stolen a heap of candy from the corner store. She led the boys back to the store to apologize and return the candy. When the boys seemed to lack the level of remorse Elaine expected, she marched them out of the grocery store and straight to the neighborhood Catholic Church. What happened next turned Elaine into September’s Audience Favorite.

Do you dream of wearing that big velvet crown? Does becoming the Ex Fabula Audience Favorite haunt your dreams? Do you have a story that’s just dying to be told? Join us at Turner Hall on October 31st for our second publicstorytelling workshopof the season. You’ll work with our coaches and learn the tips and tools you need to become the next Ex Fabula Audience Favorite.

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