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Ex Fabula: New Year, New Goals!

Art Montes

Happy New Year! Ex Fabula is hitting the ground running in 2016: a Storytelling Workshop, new volunteer orientation and our first StorySlam of 2016, January has it all and that’s only the beginning. Rather than resolving to give something up in the New Year, we at Ex Fabula like to set a host of bigger and better goals for the year to come. From launching The Puente Project (Proyecto Puente), our Spanish language storytelling project, to continuing the conversation of privilege and oppression throughout the community with our Fellowship program, to several new community collaborations, our goals are high for 2016 and we need you to help us achieve them.

With the Puente Project underway, we’re taking you back to our “Oops” show of March 2015. When Mirna Torres was a little girl in Mexico City, her weekend chore was washing the floors of their three-level home. Like most children, she dreaded this chore and on this day she had managed to avoid the floors for three weeks leading to a large build up of family foot traffic. Again, trying to finish the chore as quickly as possible, Mirna was faced with a conundrum…what to do with the dirty water?

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a New Years story. Thank goodness Michael Balke had a great New Years story for us. Kids don’t try this at home. As Michael begins, it was January 1, 1986, New Years Day, leaving Amsterdam to cross the French border. Actually, the French Border Patrol stops three men in tie-dyed t-shirts (and a pregnant wife) after spending New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam. We all want to know how this one ends.

Get your tickets! Our first StorySlam of the season, “Belonging,” is Wednesday, Jan. 13th. This is our repellent for the winter blues. We hope it works for you, too. Our Slams have sold out every month this season to buy/reserve your tickets today to insure your seats.