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Ex Fabula: The American Dream

Art Montes
Joelisa Castillo (right) shares a story.

Megan McGee
Elaine Maly, an Ex Fabula Fellow.

Ex Fabula believes that everyone has stories worth sharing, whether you speak inglés, español or another language. We’re very excited by the success we’ve had with our Proyecto Puente, or Puente Project, storytelling workshops, which, we hope, will build bridges (puentes) between the English and Spanish speaking communities in Milwaukee.

On March 10, we’ll showcase these amazing stories with a bilingual StorySlam. The theme will be “American Dream / Sueño Americano," and stories can be told in English, Spanish or even Spanglish – como dije – and we’ll leverage interpretation so that everyone can enjoy las historias personales.

When Joelisa Castillo was eight-years-old, her mother made the bold decision to move her family from Puerto Rico to Milwaukee. Soon after their arrival, her mother earned her nursing certification and began working at a local clinic. Joelisa and her brother spent a lot of time at the clinic and by age 15, Joelisa was volunteering there as well. Find out how a childhood spent at a community clinic turned into a career as a health promoter.

Elaine Maly is one of our Season 7 Ex Fabula Fellows. At a recent event, Elaine looked back on the role racism played in her upbringing, how white privilege buffered her childhood and how now, as an ally, she is often confounded by the racism she witnesses.

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