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Ex Fabula: Election Fun

Elizabeth Dawson
Adam Carr sharing a story.

Debates, campaign ads, punditry... it's easy to feel 'burnt out' on politics at this point in the election season. However, behind all the slick materials and talking points, elections are about our hopes and values and the things that make us human. With that in mind, we bring you two personal stories about people who got involved in elections – because after all, the personal is political.  

Credit Kat Schleicher
Paul Warlowski up on stage.

Our first story comes from the January 2012 "Faking it" event. When Paul Warloski was 16, he worked on  George Bush Senior's campaign. His involvement began with a question about the Middle East but continued for less-than-political reasons: the campaign manager's daughter and a well-stocked wine cellar. Did he win her over? And does he recommend politics as a way to meet women? No and no – although with one notable exception.  

Adam Carr shared his story in August 2014 at a Secret Fabula event which took place on the roof of the Pitch Project, a gallery and artist studio in Walkers' Point. In previous reincarnations, the building served as Bucketworks, and in this tale, the self proclaimed "Milwaukee resident" recounted some of his experiences there, including the story of how he would "hit the streets" canvassing for Barack Obama in 2008. In the end, the space has become one of many in which he has fond memories of being part of a community.  

Speaking of community, Ex Fabula has had a fantastic string of community events recently. Check out for event recaps and our Facebook page for photos.    

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