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What Can Great Writers Teach Us About Growing Up and Getting Old?

Part 1 of the TED Radio Hour episode Becoming Wise

About Joshua Prager's TED Talk

We all stumble across similar ideas as we age, and some of these revelations have passed into the books we love. Journalist Joshua Prager explores the stages of life through quotes from great writers.

About Joshua Prager

Joshua Prager writes for publications including Vanity Fair, The New York Timesand The Wall Street Journal, where he was a senior writer for eight years.

His new book, 100 Years, is a list of literary quotations on every age from birth to one hundred, revealing the hidden patterns of life.

An earlier book Half-Life, describes his recovery from a bus crash that broke his neck at age 19 — which was the subject of his first TED Talk and interview with the TED Radio Hour.

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