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Not My Job: Keegan-Michael Key Of 'Key & Peele' Gets Quizzed On Peels

Actor Keegan-Michael Key attends a premiere at Paramount Studios on May 10 in Hollywood.
Kevin Winter
Getty Images

Actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key was a star performer with the improv comedy troupe Second City before he gained fame on MAD TV and then in the hit show Key & Peele. In 2015 he appeared alongside President Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner in the role of "Presidential Anger Translator." He's now starring in Don't Think Twice, Mike Birbiglia's new movie about the improv comedy scene.

Since he partnered for years with Jordan Peele, we'll be quizzing him on three different Peels — the Peel P50 car, British politician Sir Robert Peel and DJ John Peel.

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