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Neiman Marcus Sells Luxury Collard Greens For $66 Plus Shipping


Neiman Marcus is not exactly a place where budget-conscious shoppers go.


You go there for the luxury.

SHAPIRO: Which is why we were a little baffled...

CORNISH: Mhmm (ph).

SHAPIRO: ...Confused...


SHAPIRO: ...Perhaps aghast that this holiday season, Neiman Marcus is offering frozen collard greens.

CORNISH: For $66.

SHAPIRO: Sixty-six dollars.

CORNISH: They're seasoned with just the right amount of spices and bacon.

SHAPIRO: So says Neiman Marcus. They serve eight to 10 people.

CORNISH: And they'll cost you another 15 bucks for shipping.

TODD RICHARDS: I didn't think that Neiman Marcus was in the collard greens business. I thought they were in the clothing, jewelry and other type of business.

CORNISH: That's chef Todd Richards. He owns two restaurants in Atlanta. The man buys a lot of collard greens.

RICHARDS: It was odd to see collard greens at such a price. I mean for $66, you can buy 20, 30 bushels.

SHAPIRO: Now, if our math is correct, there are about 150 servings in each bushel. Twenty bushels of collard greens - that is 3 thousand servings for 66 bucks.

CORNISH: To recap, at Neiman Marcus, 66 bucks - just 10 servings.

SHAPIRO: Just 10 - now, can the quality of Neiman Marcus' dish justify its price tag?

DUANE NUTTER: Not at all.

SHAPIRO: That's chef Duane Nutter also in Atlanta. He has strong opinions about this.

NUTTER: They're saying they're shipping them frozen, so you're sacrificing flavor and quality once you freeze a leafy vegetable like that. I would feel more comfortable eating canned greens than I would eat frozen.

CORNISH: All right, folks, you do not have to splurge for good collard greens. Fifteen bucks - seriously, Google a recipe. Make it yourself.

SHAPIRO: But if you are committed right now to giving Neiman Marcus $66 for frozen collard greens, well, you're out of luck.

CORNISH: The item is currently sold out. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.