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Ex Fabula: It's Complicated

Katherine Schleicher
Storyteller Scott van Vreede

It's complicated. That's not just a Facebook relationship status - it’s also the theme of this month’s Ex Fabula StorySlam.

This week we have two Storytellers who each found themselves in very different ,complicated situations. Back in 2010, Jeanie Dean took to the stage for our “Stranger in a Strange Land” StorySlam. Jeanie was an 18-year-old, wide-eyed, hopeful poet and dreamer who had just moved to the big city. She quickly befriended an intriguing and welcoming group of older East-Siders - veterans who had tattoos and arms like Popeye. One afternoon Jeanie found herself at the friend-of-a-friend’s home, standing in a kitchen in the middle of a life-threatening domestic dispute. There they were: an 18-year-old poet, a Vietnam Vet with PTSD, an escaped convict, his terrified ex-girlfriend, and a loaded gun - could it get any more complicated?

Credit Katherine Schleicher
Storyteller Jeanie Dean.

Our next story comes from our February 2012 “How We Met” StorySlam. On a perfect June afternoon, Scott van Vreede found himself at a random concert in a park. After getting himself a drink, and settling in the grass to enjoy the vibe, Scott gazed upon a gal with a head full of curls, a baby doll dress drinking something out of a paper bag. Soon the two were chatting and spent the evening exploring the Milwaukee scene together. It's a movie-like beginning, but you'll have to listen to hear how it ends.