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Ex Fabula: Out of This World

Artemis Photography
Storyteller Stephanie Kilen

The secret is out!  Monday night, March 27th, join us for an Ex Fabula that is “Out of this World.” While our Secret Fabula events are usually members-only, we’re inviting everyone to a night under the stars. The evening includes light snacks, planetarium show, community building and fantastic stories from both planetarium staff and Ex Fabula guests alike.

This week we have two entertaining stories from women looking for new adventures - adventures full of interesting experiences and hilarious outcomes.

Last summer, Stephanie Kilen took a month-long trip to Mexico. On this trip, she promised herself, that she would say yes to every invitation and new opportunity presented to her - especially those outside of her comfort zone. So, when she was invited to join a sweat lodge, she happily accepted. In the end, though, she got much more than she bargained for.

At age 22, Liza Bielby decided her next great adventure would be to studying a regional form of Chinese Opera - in China. After a few weeks in the country, she found herself in a meeting with her Chinese drummer, translating a questionable business deal with some Texas investors.  Listen to hear how this business deal went south:

Do you have The Courage to Act? Join Ex Fabula, Black Lives Matter, and UUC on April 1st for Racial Justice: The Courage to Act. This workshop aims to provide you with the tools and courage to combat racism.  Learn how to turn your passion for equity into productive and positive actions.

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