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What 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' And Sampha Have In Common

Sampha's Tiny Desk Concert has racked up 98k views since it was released to YouTube on Monday, and for good reason; the South London R&B singer gives an intimate set, accompanying himself only on cosmic keys. It is absolutely serene.

"I saw this in my subscriptions today and had to add drums," YouTube musician David Dockery writes in a video's caption. "His voice is incredible!"

Dockery takes the set's opener, "Plastic 100°C," washes it in cymbals and a crisp beat. It sounds great! But if the drummer and the picture-in-picture format look familiar, it's because earlier in March Dockery took the "Pepe Silvia" scene fromIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and played along to Charlie Kelly's surprisingly musical conspiracy theory rant. It was hilarious and quickly went viral. You'll want to watch that, too, if you haven't already.

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