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Hold Up: Beyoncé Just Released A New Thing For Us All To Obsess Over

Maybe you heard it too: murmurs of a "new Beyoncé song," accompanied by whatever it is that gasping and genuflecting sounds like when transmitted via Twitter and Facebook, then the purr of a song playing through the headphones of the devoted everywhere, begun, as in a round, at slightly different moments.

In the end, we'd pretty much literally heard it before: The song in question, a ballad of devotion titled "Die With You," has been around since at least 2015, but it's newly packaged with a video depicting the endlessly dissected love affair between Beyoncé and Jay Z. (The video is available for viewing in full via Tidal, natch.) Ardent followers of Queen Bey, those who attend to her every announcement or outfit or vacation photo on Instagram (that's all of us, right?) will know that today, April 4, is the couple's ninth wedding anniversary, and "Die With You" is intended to function as a definitive statement that the state of their union is strong. Wedding rings, hands held, lovers in repose, adorable Blue Ivy... it's all here.

So there you go. Just as your Tuesday afternoon seemed to be passing uneventfully, you've now got a new Beyoncé video for your cooing, swooning and/or think-piece-writing pleasure.

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