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Rubblebucket Promotes Being Present, Honors Golden Age Sci-Fi On 'If U C My Enemies'

Rubblebucket is the inspired music of singer and saxophonist Kalmia Traver, trumpeter and singer Alex Toth and their wailing band of big-sounding fun. They've been making records for about a decade, visited the Tiny Desk a few years ago and now have an EP of the same name as this song — "If U C My Enemies."

The video is a play on '50s science fiction/horror films like The Blob and The Thing From Another World; here the creature is from "the fullest moon," carrying away our musical heroes to another dimension.

Kalmia Traver told me in an email that when director Ian Perlman presented the idea of a kitschy haunted horror film her band "couldn't say no — but we had to make sure that the villain was a gender-ambiguous fashion witch who taught its victims how to love and be present with each other, instead of bloodily killing them." To that end, the piece's benevolent monster pulls a group out of their phone screen haze into the real world for a calisthenics routine and a dance lesson.

The EPIf U C My Enemiesis out now on .Rubblebucket's upcoming tour dates — don't miss them if they're visiting your town.

May 12 — Boise, ID @ Neurolux Lounge
May 14 — Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst
May 16 — Sacramento, CA @ Harlow's
May 17 — San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
May 18 — West Hollywood, CA @ Troubadour
May 20 — San Diego, CAThe Irenic
Jun 03 — Lyons, CO @ Bohn Park
Jul 08 — Marshfield, MA @ Levitate Music Festival

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