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Listen: Overcoats Perform Music From 'Young,' Plus A Little Amy Winehouse

Overcoats' debut album, <em>Young</em>, is out now.
Courtesy of the artist
Overcoats' debut album, Young, is out now.

Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell met in college, and their friendship grew into a sisterhood. Today they share the stage together as the band Overcoats, singing in tight harmonies with voices that are nearly indistinguishable.

"I think we did feel a magic when we sang together," Mitchell says. "We could tell that our voices just sort of blended in this very crazy way, and kind of cradled one another.

Mitchell and Elon visited NPR's studios to perform selections from their debut album, Young, and talk about their lives and music with Ari Shapiro; along the way, they break into an a cappella rendition of the Amy Winehouse song they first bonded over as students. Hear the full conversation at the audio link.

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