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Jane Weaver's Prismatic Pop Haunts An Abandoned Finnish Circus

Jane Weaver's prismatic pop expands within its own universe, from her acoustic beginnings to sparkling kraut-pop mini-epics. Her music is progressive because it progresses, nonetheless retaining the British musician's charms and penchant for experimentation. Modern Kosmology, ever-so appropriately titled, is another comet soaring through it all, and "Did You See Butterflies?" is a perfect example of her motorik psychedelia.

Droning like a Sonic Youth jam blurred by Stereolab's retrofuturistic lens, Weaver builds her vocal melody on patterns that float and reconvene like a surreal space puzzle. Shot on 16mm film in a remote part of Finland, the video features Weaver at an abandoned circus. It's a collaboration between Weaver and the Finnish artist, filmmaker and fashion designer, Paola Suhonen.

Modern Kosmology comes out May 19 via Fire Records.

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