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Ex Fabula: Word to the Mothers

Art Montes
Storyteller Magda Peck

Mother's Day was just last week, and we're continuing with the theme by sharing some of our own mom-centric stories. Our first comes from last December’s “Perfect Storm” StorySlam. What happens when your 91-year-old mother - the fiercest, most independent woman you know - has “the stroke,” yet hangs on because she’s determined to die at home? If you’re Magda Peck, you race against time, battling both your mother’s failing systems and the hospital’s endless red tape.

Credit Art Montes
Storyteller Carly Kroll.

Our second maternal tale comes from Carly Knoll, who took to the stage at our “Change of Heart” StorySlam in January this year. When she was in high school, she adopted a pet goose, Charlie. Like any good mother, she nurtured her new gosling; feeding him, reading to him, teaching him to run, and teaching him - slowly - to fly.  When Charlie eventually began to assert his independence, though, Carly’s heart began to hurt. Why would he want to leave her? Listen in to this adorable story of parenting woes of an untraditional child:

We'd like to thank our Ex Fabula Members, volunteers, sponsors and storytellers for showing up on Thursday night for an evening of incredible storytelling.  With a range of topics, including tenuous mother and daughter relationships, to ideas never seen to fruition, the Ex Fabula Season 8 ALL STARS event was one of our best yet. Heather Swan took the crown as the Season 8 All-Star Audience Favorite - you can hear her story of "unfinished business" later this summer, on Ex Fabula Radio.

We have one last event planned before we say hello to summer: on May 31, the Ex Fabula Fellows take the conversation to Bay View for "Creating a Welcoming Community in Bay View." Bay View is currently experiencing a lot of growth and change, making it the perfect time to reflect on our past, present and future. We'll talk about what kind of community we want to foster in Bay View - all are welcome to attend, but pre-registration is required. More info here.

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