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Violents & Monica Martin: Tiny Desk Concert

The last time we saw singer Monica Martin at the Tiny Desk she was singing with Phox, her folky, poppy band based in Madison, Wisconsin. But, while that band is on hiatus, Martin took time to walk into the world of Violents, the project of pianist, string arranger and songwriter Jeremy Larson. Larson and Martin make a lovely pair and have created a subtle, soulful record — Awake And Pretty Much Sober —that benefits greatly from Laron's classical training.

It's the first full-length Jeremy Larson has released as Violents, a project that, generally, sees him joined by a different singer each outing, resulting in an EP. Clearly there was a chemistry driving these sessions, inspiring and stretching the two artists into creating a full-sized work.

Here at the Tiny Desk they performed with the string quartet Rootstock Republic, which they only had met earlier in the week. In fact, this was filmed during the first week Violents had ever performed live! It's a special collaboration you shouldn't miss — actually I almost did, running from a late train, coming from New York. If Stephen Thompson had not stopped the band to wait just a few minutes I'd have missed this rare treat. Enjoy.

Awake And Pretty Much Soberis available now. (iTunes) (Amazon)

Set List

  • "Equal Powers"
  • "Unraveling"
  • "Spark"
  • Musicians

    Jeremy Larson (piano); Monica Marten (vocals); Juliette Jones (violin); Jessica McJunkins (violin); Kristine Kruta (cello); Jarvis Benson (viola)


    Producers: Bob Boilen, Niki Walker; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Bronson Arcuri, Colin Marshall; Photo: Claire Harbage/NPR.

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