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Las Robertas: California Flower Power Via Costa Rica

Las Robertas' latest album is <em>Waves Of The New</em>.
Jaime Fernandez Diaz
Courtesy of the artist
Las Robertas' latest album is Waves Of The New.

Las Robertas' trippy noise-pop garage-rock took the international music scene by storm in 2010, and the band, led by Mercedes Oller, quickly became a darling on the indie festival circuit in Europe as well as the Americas. Now back with a new lineup and a third full-length album, Waves of The New,Las Robertas serves up a sunny set of tunes tinged with surf-rock and psychedelia and surrounded by its hallmark sylphic vocals — all with a retro feel that starts in the '60s and '70s but definitely doesn't stay there.

The new album shows a maturing of the slightly distorted, vintage garage sound that made Las Robertas a musical referent in its homeland of Costa Rica. Oller and Sonya Carmona's ethereal vocals swirl decidedly about the former's elegant shoegaze guitar chords and the latter's classic-rock bass lines, all grounded and propelled by the krautrocky beats of drummer Fabrizio Durán.

"California Feeling" embodies perfectly all of these vibes — and, as with many of the songs on Waves Of The New, also reflects that the album was recorded in San Diego. With each turn of the kaleidoscope, Las Robertas' music shape-shifts to offer new ways to hear its bright, hypnotic sounds. It's a magical mosaic that dazzles, delights and — as the song says — takes us on a road trip in the sun so the wind can make us whole and we can "cross the glow."

Waves of the Newis out now via Buen Día Records and Bandcamp.

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