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Missi Pyle and Brett Gelman on Ask Me Another.
Becca Brain Photography for NPR
Missi Pyle and Brett Gelman on Ask Me Another.

Missi Pyle isn't just the kind of actress you recognize from something—she's the kind of actress you recognize from everything. Pyle got her break when she landed a major role in the 1999 cult film Galaxy Quest.As Laliari, an extraterrestrial with a very severe haircut, Pyle's first big movie remains one of her favorites. "Galaxy Questwas such a beautiful, magical experience," she told host Ophira Eisenberg. "I still have yet to really top it." Her resume is packed with memorable appearances in projects as divergent as Dodgeball, Gone Girl,and theupcoming YouTube Red series Impulse.

Pyle's competitor Brett Gelman has a similarly diverse resume. The actor recently co-wrote and starred in the indie comedy-drama Lemon, and has a guest role on the Netflix hit Stranger Things 2. Gelman's first brush with stardom came when he was just 13, when he received a signed headshot of Joan Rivers for his bar mitzvah. "[My mom] got all of these headshots from this guy in Vegas," Gelman said, "and wrote to all of these comedians and said, 'You're my son's favorite comedian." Years later, he brought the headshot to his appearance on Rivers' web series In Bed with Joan Rivers. Rivers told Gelman she recognized the headshot as "my 1985 nose."

For their first Ask Me Anotherchallenge, Pyle and Gelman went on a celebrity sightseeing tour, answering questions about famous people whose names double as geographic places.

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