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Molly Tuttle On Mountain Stage

Molly Tuttle
Brian Blauser
Mountain Stage

When browsing photos of Molly Tuttle on stage, we searched (to no avail) for a shot of her making it look hard. Her cool, calm stage presence makes performing look incredibly easy. But listen closely to this set recorded in January, and you will easily hear the intricate and precise playing that earned her the award of International Bluegrass Music Association Guitarist of the Year.

Accompanied by Duncan Wickel on fiddle and mandolin, Hasee Ciaccio on bass, and Wes Corbett on banjo, Tuttle's playing is as clean and pristine as her vocals, performing songs from the breakthrough album Rise.

Mountain Stage enjoyed a long relationship with quintessential American bard John Hartford, who most famously composed the Glen Campbell hit song "Gentle On My Mind." So we take extra pride anytime an artist of Tuttle's generation chooses to do a Hartford tune on our show, keeping the swift-footed dancing fiddler's music in the contemporary vernacular.

Tuttle is touring the U.S. and U.K. from now through September.


  • "Friend Of A Friend"
  • "Girl In My Shoes"
  • "You Didn't Call My Name"
  • "Old Man At The Mill"
  • "Bas-Pelles Erik's Brudpolska"
  • "Rain and Snow"
  • "Gentle On My Mind"
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