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Wild Animals' 'Science-Fiction' Is Power-Pop With A Big Dang Heart

Wild Animals' <em>The Hoax</em> comes out April 27.
Florencia Rojas
Courtesy of the artist
Wild Animals' The Hoax comes out April 27.

Wild Animals must have fans all over the world. No less than seven record labels spread across the U.S., Spain, Italy, Chile and Japan are co-releasing The Hoax; a lot of people really want you to hear the Madrid trio's new album, which recallsSuperchunk's crunchy pop-punk and Bob Mould's triumphant, post-Hüsker Dü jangle with Sugar. But where Wild Animals' debut kept everything fast and distorted, these new songs punch out raucous melodies like boxing gloves made from marshmallows.

"Science-Fiction," the album's first single, is a solid case in point. At once nostalgic for technology of yesteryear that brought quiet nerds together ("We spent our time in the arcade / Our second home back in sixth grade / Playing Tetris, Double Dragon / But Street Fighter was our favorite one") and critical of modern convenience that keeps us at arm's length, it's a power-pop song with fuzzy power chords, ringing guitar riffs and a big dang heart.

The Hoax comes out April 27 viaLauren Records(U.S.),(Spain),(Spain),(Spain),(Italy),(Chile) and(Japan).

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