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Watch Gracie And Rachel Play 'Only A Child' And 'Go' Live In The WFUV Studio

Recording as Gracie and Rachel, singer and keyboardist Gracie Coates and violinist and vocalist Rachel Ruggles write intimate songs that ebb, flow and fly with ethereal tension and release. The pair's music intersects elements of classical and pop, guided by their own dualities and Coates's very personal lyrics.

The two friends met as high school juniors in Berkeley, Calif., split in different directions for college, but are now roommates in Brooklyn where their lives revolve around writing music. In 2017, Gracie and Rachel released their self-titled debut album, which was swiftly championed by NPR Music — public radio support that continues, as Gracie and Rachel have been selected as NPR Slingshot artists for 2018.

Gracie and Rachel have been touring North America with Ani DiFranco this spring, and they recently recorded a session at WFUV, performing the songs "Only A Child" and "Go" in Studio A. The two women also spoke with me about their curious polarity as artistic partners, the importance of empowerment in their music and their admiration for Danish musician Agnes Obel.

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Kara Manning