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What Song Got You Through School?

Kids slog to school on a bus.

Graduation season is upon us, which means a lot of young people are about to make one of the biggest transitions of their lives. We'd like to mark this transformative season by playing and talking about the songs that got you through high school or college.

But to do that, we need you to tell us what those songs are. They can be sources of hope and encouragement for whenever you're down, or cathartic ragers to help purge years of frustration and youthful anxieties. Or they can be songs about coming of age – ones that give you direction or help you understand you're not alone in the world.

Use the form below to tell us the song that got you through school and tell us why or how it helped you navigate your youth. Better yet, record a voice memo telling us about the song and why it's important, then email the file to We'll use select songs and stories on an upcoming episode of All Songs Considered.

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