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Dama Scout's 'Milky Milk' Hasn't Turned Sour, Just Surreal

What is "Milky Milk"? Probably best not to ask. Because whatever it is, there's something in it, and Dama Scout has now entered the videodrome. In a video directed by The Boykov Brothers, which consists of Dama Scout's drummer and the band's good friend Thom Rawle, the London trio's surreal and sludgy single takes one chug of moo juice and falls into a vat of warped faces and anthropomorphic milk cartons before landing in a scene out of Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain.

"We're fans of body horror and the paranoid '80s tropes of haunted technology, and there's a bit of both here," the band tells NPR Music. "Poor Lucci was in the bath for 45 minutes, prawn boy."

"Milky Milk" comes after a series of singles and a self-titled EP released at the beginning of this year. Guitarist and vocalist Eva Liu has a way bending and slamming riffs that suggest a Dalí-dripped Polvo, with just a hint of Pixies pop, backed by Luciano Rossi (bass, keys) and Danny Grant (drums). Like those bands, Dama Scout's alluring sweetness sneaks in its sour like teeth biting into hard candy, only to hit a gooey, puckering center without warning.

"Milky Milk" out now onFather/Daughter(U.S.) and(U.K.).

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