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Low Cut Connie On World Cafe

Low Cut Connie is a lot of fun. Sure, it's developed a healthy reputation as a party band, but there's a lot more to discover underneath the sweaty sheen of its intense live shows. Speaking of which, I wish you could see the way lead singer Adam Weiner attacks the piano. At some points, he plays it the same way Superman flies, his body parallel to the ground. It's a sight to see!

Party band, piano rock, juke jointing — it's all there. But those names only scratch the surface of what this Philadelphia band whose songs tell the tales of gritty characters is capable of. This makes sense! Weiner is a true personality who honed his ability as an entertainer by playing piano bars under the name Ladyfingers.

Along the way, Low Cut Connie have found plenty of admirers like Elton John, who, in 2017 interviewed Adam on his Rocket Hour radio show, and oh yeah, Barack Obama, who added LLC's 2012 single, "Boozophilia," to his summer Spotify playlist!

In 2017, Low Cut Connie released its fourth record, Dirty Pictures Part 1. It was recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis, famously known for hosting Big Star recordings. There's a bit of Big Star in the follow-up record, Dirty Pictures Pt. 2. See if you can hear it. Stream the session in the player.

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