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See A Full Concert By Trey Anastasio With An Unlikely Reunion

I want share a sweet moment that took place on a stage in Marshfield, Mass. a few weeks ago. Phish's Trey Anastasio was performing with his trio when he took a moment to welcome back his dear old friend and keyboardist, Ray "The Milkman" Paczkowski. Ray had been diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier in the year. Now, fully recovered, he's back on the road. At about an hour and forty minutes into his set, an emotional Trey Anastasio stopped his headlining show at the and said, "I gotta tell you this quick little thing here — I have to do it cause my heart is doing this right now. The last time I was in the area, must have been six months or so, when Ray, my dear friend, got this horrible news that he been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was very serious and I came down to [Massachusetts General Hospital]. Ray's family was there and everyone was mortified and terrified. The whole thing seemed so scary and really serious and the people at Mass. General are like magicians - everything went incredibly well and he's just great now!" At that point the crowd rallied with cheers and a smiling Trey Anastasio noded to Ray's family and shouted out to Ray's mom. "And the reason I'm thinking about this is that I was walking on stage and Ray's whole family is here, his mom and his sister — and we were all in tears — oh my god, it's incredible, everybody's back and playing music. In a crazy world where there's a lot of bad news, that's some good news. I'll be the good-news news station tonight!"

To celebrate this good news we have the entire nearly two hour set from that show at the Levitate Music And Arts Festival from July 7. It features the Trey Anastasio Trio, with Tony Markellis (bass) and Russ Lawton (drums), with his old friend returning sooner than anyone ever suspected. They're a quartet often referred to as "Classic Tab."

Below is the setlist from that show, a mix of songs from his band, Phish and more,

  • Blaze On (Phish song)
  • Cayman Review
  • Pigtail
  • Gotta Jibboo (Phish song)
  • Everything's Right (Trey Anastasio Band song)
  • Farmhouse (Phish song)
  • Dark and Down
  • Sand (Phish song)
  • Bug (Phish song)
  • Undermind (Phish song)
  • First Tube (Phish song)
  • Encore:

  • Waste (Phish song) (Trey solo acoustic)
  • More (Phish song) (Trey solo acoustic)
  • Push On 'Til the Day
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